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About us

The company is a fact since 20/07/2016, after a period of months of preparation and planning the future.
Where do we come from and where are we going to.

Michael Verbelen:
Probably for some of you, already a known name in the airsoft world. He is, since a long time, active in this world as a player and knows the brands. He will be committing himself to offer you everything you desire regarding this sport. Sales, repairs and customizations will be his area of expertise.

Michael Timmerman:
An ICT professional, a hard worker with a hands-on mentality, is committing himself to the E-commerce engine and the heart of the company, showing it on the web.

Donald Vankeerberghen:
Has been in the military for 16 years and found his second nature in Airsoft. After his active duty as a NCO he became a commercial employee of an international company, where he learned the job of commercial business relationships. A forward look and an eye for details, is a perfect combination for building a succes story.

Briefly, the company has everything it needs to become a full grown partner of you.
We wish you a lot of skirm pleasure.

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