Terms and Conditions of 2nd hand

Terms and Conditions of Use

An ad placed on AirsoftUnited.be must meet the conditions described below.
AirsoftUnited.be reserves the right to decide whether an advertisement meet the conditions.
The conditions are constantly updated and can be changed at any time.

AirsoftUnited.be merely is a platform for placing 2nd hand Airsoft Ads.
AirsoftUnited.be is not liable for any damage or loss arising from use of the platform.
AirsoftUnited.be is doing everything to ensure that the ads on its site are secure and correct.
Nevertheless, we can not be held liable in case of any moral, financial or other damages
resulting from use of our platform. Using our platform is at your own risk.

In your ad you can only offer 1 article. If you wish to offer more articles, you can create diffrent ads.

An advertisement on AirsoftUnited.be will be automatically deleted after 6 months.
Afterwards you have the ability to place your article on the site again.

The Belgian law
Every article placed on AirsoftUnited.be is subject to Belgian law.

Offensive Ads
Ads that may be offensive to certain groups, individuals or persons and advertisements
that go against morality are not accepted on AirsoftUnited.be.

Advertising purely for advertising your business, shop or website are not allowed on AirsoftUnited.be.
In each ad should be provided with a concrete article with a precise description.

Dual listings
It is not allowed to place the same product several times on AirsoftUnited.be, even if it is placed in another category.

An ad should be placed in the correct type/Category. AirsoftUnited.be has the right to move a posting to the correct type/category.

You must indicate clearly in the title what you offer in your ad. It is also not allowed to mention contact or
an item number in the title. Also AirsoftUnited.be not accept ads with phrases such
as 'for sale', 'I sell,' 'offered', “Reserved” etc. in the title. If an item is reserved use the select menu “sale,sold,reserved”.

you should give as much detail as possible in the description about the product you offer.
Note: For security reasons it is not allowed to mention an email address in the description of an advertisement.

The pictures that you add to your advertisement should relate to the product in your ad.
Photos with contact information, a company name or a logo are not accepted on AirsoftUnited.be.

The price you add in the price field should be realistic and include VAT.
It is mandatory to fill in a price, it can take up to 2 decimal. Would you like to give your product
away for free, enter "0" in the price field.

You can add a link to a website as background information and if the content of the website is relevant
to the product in your ad. AirsoftUnited.be does not allow links pointing to other advertenties- or commercial sites.

An advertisement must be written in Dutch, French or English. Note that it is recommended to place your ad in English.

As a advertiser on AirsoftUnited.be your contact information is stored on the site and interested
buyers can contact you via "send email" under the “contact seller” information.

Content rights ads
If you place an ad on AirsoftUnited.be.be,you give AirsoftUnited.be permission to use the contents
and pictures of your ad, for example, in the newsletter, via the blog, Facebook or other promotions.

Prohibited items
Weapons and airsoft guns are not allowed. Also note that AirsoftUnited.be always respects
the contractual bond. AirsoftUnited.be always reserves the right to refuse ads, modify, or delete.
The use of automated tools is not allowed.