Raven Airsoft Squad

Start Date: 
Friday, 1 December, 2017
Team Info: 

Raven Airsoft Squad - RAS


Belgian Airsoft / Milsim team, focusing on tactical squadplay, based on real steel experience. With several members employed in law enforcement, military or TAT trained, we aim to be your not so average airsoft team.

Current members:

  • RAS-01
  • RAS-02
  • RAS-03
  • RAS-04
  • RAS-05
  • RAS-06
  • RAS-07
  • RAS-08
  • And 2 initiates!

After some first skirms back in 2017-2018, RAS was formed. With the coming of new members and more experience that goes back to 2010 a whole new structure was introduced. During the first two quarters of 2019 RAS became what it is today. With grey and coyote as main colours, an on-field nickname was given quickly.

“de grijze - The Grey Ones”.

But most of all, we are a group of friends, enjoying our hobby and aiming for a good dose of fun. Fair play is something we carry in high regard. - RAS -

Find us on Instagram: @ras.airsoft.belgium

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Quality brands such as: Warrior Assault Systems, Tasmanian Tiger, Pentagon Tactical, PTS, Oakley, ESS, WileyX and more!

BE West-Vlaanderen