Red Scorpion Solutions

Start Date: 
Friday, 23 April, 2010
Team Info: 

Finnish PMC-themed airsoft team from Oulu. In-character info as follows:



RSS Inc. is a private security contractor, providing its customers with clear and effective solutions to their security needs. Our company is international, and so are our customers. We operate with high levels of professionalism, dedication and moral values.


RSS Inc. was founded in 1997, after a group of ex-military personnel decided to make use of their expertise and offer it to the ones in need.

After a slow and humble start, our company has grown to be one of the leading operators in the area of military consulting and security services. Most of our previous assignments have taken place in the Eastern Europe and South-Eastern Eurasia, and we consider these regions to be like home to us. Many of our operatives also hail from the same area.

What does RSS Inc. provide?

- Security solutions to private and public customers
- Military consultation to governments and governmental agencies
- Risk assessments to private and public customers
- Organizational and/or training staff for private and public customers, in the fields of security and military operations
- Logistical solutions, both planning and operating
- Professional and dedicated personnel

What do we NOT do?

- Use questionable or morally wrong methods
- Work for non-governmental, disputed or criminal organizations
- Take part in politics
- Stay after our job is done and contract finished

RSS Inc. has provided and maintained quality services throughout its history, and continue to do so in the future! We are deployed and assigned "When it matters most!"



  • Khaki trousers
  • Tan tactical cap
  • T-shirt or tactical fleece or softshell
  • Plate carrier or LBV


  • WL trousers and jacket or british DPM or OD ACU or random camo
  • LBV or equivalent